Chasing the Dream and Making it Pay: Free Webinar on Finding A Dream Job, Even During a Pandemic, Plus Budgeting for Success

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (February 9, 2021)JVS Human Services is offering a free webinar to metro Detroiters entitled, “The Road Ahead: Budgeting and the Dream Job” which will be streamed live on February 16, 2021 at 10 a.m. Despite the pandemic, job seekers still have dreams, passions and core values which remain big drivers for people considering a switch to a new job or a pivot to a new career. This webinar will also discuss the need to meet the individual’s financial goals while pursuing a dream job. The webinar will be streamed on the JVS Human Services Facebook page; no registration is necessary.

Career Counselor Sherrie James from JVS Human Services explains that there are people who have difficulty defining their dream job. “For some, the definition of a dream job may not be clear cut, but we can guide people through self-assessment, looking at their strengths, interests, values, skills, abilities, and personal style,” explained James. “Conversely, others are locked into what their perfect job looks like but need practical financial skills to make a switch work.”

James will be running the webinar alongside Financial Capability Counselor Emily Bergt, a colleague at JVS Human Services. Bergt says understanding a budget is vital for anyone looking for a major career change. “You need to look at numbers and figure out what you need in order to survive – the bare essentials for you to stay afloat covering housing, transport, food and utilities,” she explained. “This might mean ensuring you can make minimum payments on credit cards so that credit scores are not affected. Or it might mean staying in a current job for a while longer while you work part-time on a business you are setting up.”

JVS Human Services can also provide one-on-one career counseling to metro Detroiters. Contact  for more information.