JVS Announces Expanded Services for People with Disabilities

“Choices” will promote more community inclusion and personal choice

JVS is pleased to announce expanded services that will enhance the types of community-based activities available for people with disabilities, offering them more options. Known as “Choices,” the expanded array of services offers individuals the option to work or volunteer in their community, participate in field trips and cultural outings or engage in artistic expression, music therapy, yoga and other enriching activities.

The changes come amid recent trends and state and federal guidelines that advocate for greater community inclusion for people with disabilities. Governmental funding priorities are also shifting in favor of programs that promote more access to the community.

“JVS is committed to providing opportunities for individuals to have a greater sense of personal value, community and choice in how they want to live their lives,” said JVS President and CEO Leah Rosenbaum. “In addition to providing staff support to help some people maintain jobs, others will be supported in finding volunteer work at local nonprofits such as organic farms or food pantries to help build their skills. Based on individual desires and goals, others may be supported by visiting local areas of interest or participating in stimulating activities to build skills and engagement in their community.”

With increased focus on expanding activities available in the community, JVS will phase out its work center in Southfield. The center currently serves approximately 90 people with developmental disabilities who will be offered expanded choices on how to enhance their lives. JVS navigators will work closely with individuals and their family members to educate them on the new choices available and which options meet their interests, desires and needs.

About JVS

Celebrating its 75th year of helping metropolitan Detroiters realize their life’s potential, JVS is an award-winning human services organization with four main locations in the metro area.  Through a variety of programs designed to help people maximize their self-sufficiency, the agency helps job seekers jump start their job searches, provides jobs and meaningful programs for people with disabilities and helps seniors remain active and engaged.