JVS Named a Best Managed Nonprofit Finalist by Crain’s Detroit Business

For the second consecutive year, JVS, a nonprofit human services agency headquartered in Southfield, was named a finalist in Crain’s Detroit Business Best-Managed Nonprofit contest. The agency was recognized for launching eCycle Opportunities (eCO), a JVS subsidiary that recycles electronics to reduce landfill waste while creating jobs for people with disabilities and generating revenue for JVS services for people with disabilities. Read full story »

In the six months eCO has been in operation, more than 65,000 pounds of eWaste have been collected, far exceeding initial projections. Electronics have been collected from more than 300 individuals and businesses during regular collection hours, two public collection events, an employee collection day, and by special pick-up or delivery.

“Materials collected are broken down in order to salvage and recycle the steel, aluminum, gold, copper and plastic contained in electronic components,” said Stacey Lareau, director of JVS New Business Development. “The materials are then shipped to CyclePoint from SourceAmerica, our national partner, which brokers the eWaste and disposes of it in an environmentally safe and responsible manner. The results are fewer electronics sent to landfills, jobs for people with disabilities, and revenue to support JVS’s disability programs.”

JVS is currently seeking businesses and local organizations to partner with to recycle their electronic waste.  For more information, contact Stacey Lareau at slareau@jvsdet.org or (248) 233-4292.