JVS Named Best Managed Finalist

JVS, a nonprofit human services agency headquartered in Southfield, was recently named a finalist in Crain’s Best-Managed Nonprofit competition for utilizing its strength in human resources to develop a revenue source for mission-based programs.

“With our solid reputation for excellent hiring practices and human resources management, JVS utilized a grant in 2001 to create a joint recruitment program for five other human service agencies in Oakland County that were advertising and recruiting for nearly identical positions,” explained Leah Rosenbaum, JVS president and CEO. “This innovative partnership saved the other agencies staff and financial resources and resulted in very successful recruiting efforts.”

From there, JVS capitalized on the demand for outsourced human resource functions to launch HR Solutions Group (HRSG), a subsidiary providing human resource functions for other nonprofits and businesses. HRSG offerings range from turnkey HR management to specific functions such as managing absences taken under the Family and Medical Leave Act, training staff, developing job descriptions and conducting criminal background and reference checks of potential employees.

HRSG manages human resource functions for 1,000 employees at 13 organizations, including Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan, Detroit Wayne County Health Authority, Alternatives for Girls and Signal Restoration Services.

“With our team of experts taking care of the HR work, these organizations can focus more time and resources on accomplishing their own missions,” said Rosenbaum. “We are helping them operate more efficiently and remain competitive by hiring the best qualified people. At the same time, HRSG provides a funding stream to help support JVS services.”

With an annual budget of $21 million, JVS operates 80 programs primarily focusing on job placement, services for people who have developmental disabilities, and services for seniors and their caregivers.