JVS Receives Grant for eCycle Opportunities

JVS’s electronics recycling division, eCycle Opportunities (ECO), has been awarded a $10,000 grant from ITC. ECO serves individuals and businesses by recycling their electronics in an environmentally responsible way. As part of its community-focused mission, ECO also provides jobs for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment.

The grant will allow ECO to recycle televisions and CRT monitors at no cost to the public. ECO will offer the fee-free service at a special drop-off event in the fall and will continue the offer until grant funds are depleted.

Responsible recyclers pay high fees to safely recycle televisions and CRTs, which contain harmful toxins such as lead and mercury. Those costs are usually passed along to consumers when the items are dropped off. ECO usually charges $25 for televisions, for example.

“To save money, people put these items at the curb with trash,” said Stacey Lareau, eCycle Opportunities general manager. “Unfortunately, that can expose our landfills to hazardous elements.”

The ITC grant will positively impact the community by keeping those harmful toxins out of landfills and preventing further contamination of the air, soil and water.

“ITC and JVS share a strong commitment to environmental stewardship and the communities we serve,” said Donna Zalewski, director, Local Government & Community Affairs and Philanthropy, ITC Holdings Corp. “ITC is proud to support the JVS ECO program, which not only helps keep electronics out of Michigan landfills, but creates job opportunities for the people it serves.”

“We are very excited about the grant because it gives us an opportunity to inform and educate the public while creating jobs,” said Lareau.

Those interested in learning more can visit eCycleOpps.org or call 248-233-4477.