JVS Webinar Offers Tips For Overcoming Age Bias

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (May 27, 2021) – For many people over 40, minimizing age bias perceptions in an interview can still be a tough hurdle.

JVS Human Services hosts “The Road Ahead: Overcoming Age Bias in a Job Interview” on June 1. The webinar will help jobseekers diminish a prospective employer’s age concerns. No registration is necessary for the 10 a.m. event, which JVS will stream on its Facebook page.

Lisa Bahm, JVS training supervisor, many clients worry that their age would be an employment barrier.

“The issue creates anxiety and stress and even holds people back from seeking jobs they would like, and could do,” she said.

Tips for job seekers

  • Brush up on your computer knowledge by taking continued education courses and inform the interviewer. This shows you will learn new things.
  • Address biases that an older worker might lack energy by bringing up any activities you do to stay active, whether it is biking, hiking, running, dancing or some other high energy pursuit.
  • Explain that you are looking for something different, and that your skills can bring added value to the company or organization.
  • Make sure you understand a reasonable salary and tell the interviewer that you understand the pay scale.

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