Not Computer Savvy? Try JVS Classes

Scholarships Available for Unemployed and Underemployed

Computer skills are a necessity in almost any work environment, and JVS is expanding outreach to people who need to improve their computer skills to find work or move up the ladder. Hands-on training is provided through the David B. Hermelin ORT Resource Center, a division of JVS, in two locations: at the Jewish Community Center in West Bloomfield and a new computer lab in JVS’s Southfield headquarters.

“Classes are open to anyone and reasonably priced,” explains Lisa Bahm, supervisor of the JVS Hermelin ORT Resource Center. “Many of our students who are unemployed or underemployed will qualify for scholarships from our generous funding sources. If you are seeking to improve your computer skills, I encourage you to contact us early and we will walk you through the application and scholarship process.”

Courses currently offered include the following:

Administrative Professionals Training Program  (begins in October) – This new 16-week program provides training in all the skills required of a successful and efficient administrative professional including Microsoft Office and QuickBooks proficiency, time management, writing business communications, resolving conflict and more. Job search strategies included.

Better Job Opportunities (begins in mid-September) – In this 12-week class, students receive 72 hours of Microsoft Office instruction to build or strengthen their computer skills.

QuickBooks Training (begins mid-October) – Seven-week course takes you from accounting fundamentals through QuickBooks basics and more advanced tools.

Springboard to Success (begins mid-September) – This 12-week course is designed specifically for women returning to the workforce, and combines Microsoft Office training with job search assistance.

Digital Literacy (classes held throughout the year) – This series covers computer basics for personal use.  Classes include Microsoft Word for Beginners, Email Basics, Internet Basics and Security, iPad/iPhone Fundamentals, iPad/iPhone Photography Made Simple, and Getting Started with Facebook.

For more information, visit or call (248) 432-5411.