Paid Internship for Job Seekers 50+ Years Old Through JVS Human Services’ New Experiences Internship Program

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (December 8, 2020)JVS Human Services, one of the largest human service agencies in metro Detroit, is encouraging workers aged 50 and over who have been unemployed for six months or longer, to join its paid internship program. Funded by government grants, the New Experiences Internship provides 10 weeks of paid work, 40 hours-a-week, at a rate of $13 an hour. Additionally, the program offers recent employment activity and positive job references that can be used for future employment applications. In some cases, internships may lead to job offers. Graduates of the program have gone on to get jobs in childcare, light assembly, security, marketing and sales, human resources, administrative work, and as professional drivers. There is no upper age barrier to taking part in the internship.

“There are countless mature workers who have been out of work for many months now due to the pandemic, and we know there are many who might be interested in the opportunity to try something new,” said Jason Charnas, Director of Business and Career Services at JVS Human Services. “Other candidates we consider are those that have been unemployed or underemployed for a long time and who need the chance to showcase prospective employers that their skills are current.”

JVS Human Services is also encouraging more metro Detroit businesses that are interested in hiring interns, to take part in the program. Workers and potential businesses seeking more information should contact Gerard Baltrusaitis, Internship Employment Specialist, at or by calling 248-658-8862.