Paid Janitorial Training Program Available for Metro Detroiters With Disabilities

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (July 6, 2021) –A paid janitorial training program for metro Detroiters with disabilities and other barriers to employment, operated by JVS Human Services, continues to provide local businesses with specialized cleaning skills essential during the pandemic. At the same time, lives of participants in the eight-week program have been changed forever, with graduates gaining the ability to work part-time or full-time in a variety of facilities once the course is completed, ranging from hospitals and retail outlets to sports arenas, offices, apartment buildings and government buildings. To qualify for the program, participants need to have an open case with Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) or the Veterans Administration (VA), to be referred for training from these organizations. For an image of a janitorial program trainee and trainer click here.

“The feedback we get from businesses is how much they appreciate the expertise our trainees have in commercial cleaning, which remains vital for everyone’s health and safety. Once they are on the job, our trainees don’t need additional instruction which is important given so many businesses are stretched thin,” explained Danita Love-Carter, manager for Rehabilitation Services at JVS Human Services, one of the largest human service agencies in metro Detroit.

During the course, which runs five days-a-week and is paid at minimum wage, participants learn skills including: how to measure and mix chemicals, the correct sequential order of cleaning rooms, how to restock supplies, safety measures, how to follow a cleaning route, timeliness and how to use floor care machines such as scrubbers and buffers. In addition to deep cleaning and sanitizing techniques, trainees also learn interpersonal skills to help them interact appropriately with people if they are cleaning around them, for example in an office or hospital.

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