Financial Education

Need help with emergency budgeting or keeping your home? Call (248) 233-4299 or email to schedule a web or phone appointment.

We can meet with you virtually, by phone or video call and provide you with coaching and resources to work with creditors, create an emergency budget and prevent foreclosure on your home.

JVS teaches individuals how to effectively budget, manage, save and track finances and helps families struggling to remain in their home. For more information, contact us at or (248) 233-4299.

Individual, one-on-one counseling sessions and group seminars focus on:

  • Credit education, including how to establish and manage credit
  • Help for homeowners
  • Budgeting and spending
  • Debt management
  • Saving for college, a house, retirement and more
  • How to avoid identity theft
  • Purchasing a home »

JVS Late Policy

Individual Client Meetings

Client meetings with a housing counselor are scheduled at a time mutually convenient to both parties. We understand that scheduling conflicts arise, sometimes unexpectedly. In order to ensure each client is provided the housing counselor’s full attention, appointment times are scheduled for a length of time needed to provide the full service as required under MSHDA and HUD guidelines.  If a client is delayed for their appointment by more than 15 minutes, regrettably the appointment will need to be rescheduled.

Group Workshops

Home Buyer Education (HBE) and Financial Capability workshops are HUD and MSHDA certified services which require each participant to complete the entire curriculum in full. Each participant must arrive and sign in prior to the beginning of the workshop, and remain until the end of the workshop. Certificates will only be issued to those participants who complete the entire workshop and will be handed out by a JVS certified Housing Counselor.

Certificates will not be issued to participants who arrive late or leave early. No Exceptions will be made.

A participant shall not be allowed entrance into the workshop once the education has started. Typically this is usually 15 minutes past the start time of the course if the workshop is held over more than one day.  JVS Housing Counselors reserve the right to prohibit entrance to the workshop for safety reasons or once the course is started. For HBE workshops the second night, no entrance shall be allowed once the education has started. No exceptions can be made to this policy.

For HBE workshops, JVS has a no refund policy. However, any payment made may be applied to a future HBE in person class or HBE online course, with exception approved by the Program Manager.