Women To Work Program & Springboard to Success

The JVS Women to Work Program helps women who have been out of the workforce but must find employment due to difficult life changes such as:

  • Unemployment of their spouse
  • Separation or divorce
  • Death or disability of their spouse
  • Other life changing events that necessitate employment

Springboard to Success combines the Women to Work Program with hands-on Microsoft Office computer training.

Learn more:  Watch this cable television interview with Women to Work Coordinator Judy Richmond

Individual and Group Support

In a group setting with other women and the JVS Women to Work Counselor, women face their fears and concerns, obtain emotional support and receive the confidence to successfully find employment. Contact Judy Richmond at jrichmond@jvshumanservices.org or (248) 233-4232. View brochure »

Job Search Assistance

Many women who have been away from the workforce often feel they lack the skills to compete in the current job market.  However, many individuals  possess skills they have obtained from volunteer work, for example, that are valuable to employers. The JVS Women to Work Counselor helps women evaluate all of their skills, which jobs match their interests and abilities.  Participants also receive:

  • Financial education
  • Instruction on resume writing, interviewing and job searching
  • Referrals to support services, educational opportunities and computer training »

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